The story of a young athlete

Tammie,Kong Yan Pui, who is 19 year-old right now, is the ex-teamate of Hong Kong Bicyle Team. She started riding bicyle since 16 years old and found herself interested in cycling very much. There was once a chance of training program bringing herself to be a Hong Kong cycling team athelete.

Striking a balance between academy and cycling is never a easy thing that she can do, she said. Aftering entering the Hong Kong Team about a year, she found that she seldom had her personal time. She devotes all her time in cycling and studying so as to keep her performance in both aspects. However, sometimes she felt exchausted when her life became repeatedly. A big struggle comes to her when she was in Secondary 6 which is a year of public examination, HKDSE. Since entering into university is one of her dreams though, she did not know whether to choose her team or academy.  A deep cosideration had been took by her and she decided to make efforts to her studies and quit the Hong Kong Bicyle Team.

This decision was not easy to make, she claimed. As she knew that she would give up a lot of chances to become a professional athelete and participate in different trainings and competitions. However, even though she has left the team, she never gives up on bicycle. Once she has free time now, she will go to the cycling park with her bikenearby her home.

Tammie enjoys her life now too as she has more time to stay with her family and friends which is hardly to do when she was in the Hong Kong team. She hopes that she can try more different activities in university  like joining the activities held by hostel so that she can have a memorable and fruitful life. When she grows up, she will not regret of what she chose.